Home Staging & Redesign

Whether it is getting your home ready to sell, or you just need to “refresh” your current home and fall in love all over again, I can help you!

BUYERS need to feel HOME:

My goal is to help you sell your home as quick as possible for the best price.  I want your home to “stand-out” in the market, so as part of my listing package, I help you prepare your home using a buyer’s eye, so that buyers will fall in love with it and connect emotionally.  

If you already have an agent, that’s okay too. I am happy to work with them as part of your team.


LOVE the HOME you’re with:  

I believe that successful interior redesign is the art of using organizational and decorating techniques to create an environment that is comfortable, stress free, beautiful and personal to you.  “I love and feel at home in each room of my house!”  I focus on what you already have that can be used in new and fresh ways, while incorporating tried and true decorating rules throughout the home, so that when you step into your house you “FEEL HOME.” 

What does feeling home look like?  It’s a combination of eight things I analyze in each room in order to create a home you will love!

  1. F-irst Impressions
  2. E-liminating Clutter
  3. E-mphasizing the Positive – While Downplaying the Negative
  4. L-ighten Up
  5. H-ome Owners Appeal
  6. O-bligation to Yourself – Cleaning/Repairs
  7. M-odernizing
  8. E-motional Connection Points